Tips To Decorate Your Living Room Perfectly


The center of your house is the living room, it is where all your friend’s family members get along its a place which is seen by many, and if a place is seen it should have something for which it stands aloof from other rooms and areas. after 

doing heavy work in the office when you come home you want the ambient to give you peace and shelter which we feel after coming to come so. the living room should be convenient, enjoyable to everyone and it should make you complacent. so let’s see what are the factors which help to decorate your living room perfectly.

Sofa – your comforting partner

The couch is consequently an integral part of the Living room. Most of the time on our weekends are spent on the couch it a place where you feel relieved and relaxed. the couch for many people is not just a piece of furniture it is more than that and one should be cautious while selecting a sofa cause it may change the entire look and aesthetic of your Living room. While selecting a sofa for your living room one should take into consideration the space you have. If you have less space and to fit a comfy sofa one should always go for L-sofa which will utilize the corner space and make the Living room more spacious. Moreover, the other key factor to choose a sofa is the placement of the sofa, always place the sofa on the larger wall of your Living room so that you can adjust and place a side table for a lamp to increase the beauty of the living room.

Dining table – your eating partner

There is a famous proverb that says “the family that eats together stays together” a dining table is a place where all members of the family meet and share their meal with joys and sorrows. The place where the quality time is spent together should and this is few moments you want to live again and again and if the ambient of the dining room is boring and dull it will enter your system to feel like it. so while designing a dining room we try to make it more lively but not loud. there are pretty fancy dining tables available in the market to choose from. when you select a dining table make sure the design is in alignment with the other furniture of the living room. You can add hanging lights on dining to give the living room more elegance. Also, you can add mirror panels or designer panels on the adjacent wall of your dining. There can be niches also on that wall with artifacts and decor items. with lights, high lighting them.

TV Unit – where you seek your entertainment

When placing TV, one has to make sure that the alignment of the TV is to the center of the sofa. The wrong alignment may be a hindrance to your viewing experience, and you won’t be able to enjoy the shows. Accordingly, the height on which TV should be placed is very critical. The height of the TV depends on the distance between the sofa and the TV. The TV unit can have shelves, storage, and drawers where you can keep your daily utility things. bottom drawers can be used to keep speaker bar, amplifiers, wi-fi router. small artifacts can be kept on the ledge to enhance the charm. the TV unit can have a panel so that the wires connect tv and amplifiers won’t be seen and get hid behind the panel.

Decorative Wall – The focal point of your room


Decorating a particular wall is a must in the living room, it is like the focal point of your living room. It will stand out between the other things and enhance the view. the decorative wall can be the one behind your sofa. It can be decorated with design elements like texture paint, wallpapers, design panel, wall art, paintings, portrait, designer mirror, murals, and combinations of the mirror with wallpaper or murals with texture paint also you can experiment to see what looks the best.

Side Table Lamp 

To have a living room which conversely reflects a designer touch to it. one should have side lamps placed on a side table or floor lamp. the beauty of a lamp is at the night time which will maximize the beauty of your living room to a different level. there are varieties of lamps available in the market to choose from. One can have hanging lights in corners of the living rooms if you have a love for the hanging lights. both will give the same result in the surroundings and helps to decorate the living room.


Partitions are ordinarily not needed by everyone but if you need one make sure the placement of the partition precisely otherwise it can result in the crunch of space and make your living room look small which is not good. some people regret placing the partition at the wrong place and had to pay more in transferring or obliterating it. you can either have a full jali partition or you can have semi storage with jali on top. one can also substitute the jali with decorative glass or shelves for artifacts. If you want shelves to make sure you have spotlights in it.

Center Table, Side Table

The center tables are designed to make your life simple whenever you are relaxing on a couch there are things you want to place and when you are looking for such place the side table comes to the rescue. but Nowadays I have seen many people buying the wrong side tables for the living room. people don’t make a difference in bedside tables and living room side tables. bedside tables have drawers they are usually bulky and heavy in the look as well as weight. They allocate more space. so one should avoid having such kinds of bedside tables placed in the living area. The side tables used in living rooms should be sleek without drawers. There are different models as per the design theme you can choose from. Also, the side table should match the center table design. They should have similarities in regard to design or material.


The chandelier nonetheless has an aura of its own. it can completely change the environment of the living room at night time, especially or you want to just relax and watch a series on Netflix. the placement of chandelier is essential it should be in the center of the living room or on the sofa depends on the placements of fans and the layout of the living room. It can also be placed in the foyer area but not big a smaller version and the effect is the same.

Rugs, Upholstery, Curtains

The upholstery if not chosen properly can mess your whole living room as these are the factors that add the colors in the living room. If you choose dull colors or colors not harmonizing with other furniture, the results will be ugly. While selecting the rugs, curtains try to match it with each other and contrast it with the furniture or vice versa. choose energetic colors but not too loud.


the bedroom lighting is to be done keeping in mind the different moods you have and what kind of light you will prefer at such time. If you are reading your favorite book or listening to calming music you don’t want the lights to be flat or at night you want dim light not too more or too less just perfect for you to sleep. the lighting is therefore divided into 3 parts first is general light which are the led panel lights which light up the room like daylight second so that you can walk around safely do your daily work. the second is the task light which you use when you want to do any task like reading near the table or do some office work without disturbing your partner. the third is the accent light it is used to create the perfect ambiance. the lights used to do create such an environment are spotlights, hanging lights, lamps, profile lights.

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