Best Kitchen Design Ideas

Everyone loves food no one on this planet could resist this fact. and the home-cooked food is what we love at the end of eating at every restaurant. there is no comparison

for the food which is cooked by your loved ones for you, the people you love and care. so it won’t be fair to hav



e a normal kitchen who is spreading love everywhere with food, it should have something that when people see they should be convinced that its the place where the food came.



When you are about to make a new kitchen or renovate the old one the uncertainty many have is which material to use for a counter top. we want the countertop should be elegant and easy to clean material. for the countertop, we have limited material like granite, quartz, artificial marble. marble. all these materials have their shortcomings plus points as well. granite and marble are best as per as heat resistance and scratches are concerned but they are costly. quartz and artificial marble are budget-friendly but need to take care when you use a knife or pointed utensils. they are more likely to have scratched and strains om them which gets difficult to clean. also, they are not heat-friendly and one has to take care while placing hot objects or utensils on the counter.


The storage in the kitchen is used to store many varied items. so planning before making storage is essential. one has to be sure that what are the items which are going to be in the upper cabinets. If you are going to place crockery items in the cabinets you can choose for glass doors with wood frame tp showcase your crockery also one should not forget to place spotlights in the cabinet and also underneath so that you can have enough light on the counter. other items go into the cabinets such as chimney and purifier. the cabinets should be made concerning the size of the chimney and water purifier.


the trolleys underneath can be made of different materials like stainless steel trollies, tandem drawers with fiber tray to keep different small utensils like the spoon, bowl, cutlery and then they can be divided into different drawers for different utensils. you can have a pullout for keeping pickle and sauce jars. the towers can be made to have pantry pullout. one can place a microwave in the center of the tower.


the main thing for a designer modular kitchen is that it should have a perfect color combination whenever you are choosing colors to choose vibrant colors but not very loud. if you think the color is loud but you like the color you can neutralize it by adding white color or some light color and also you can minimize the use of the loud color, for example, it can be used as a highlighter but not the main color.


There are a variety of brands available in the market which are producing high-class decorative tiles for kitchen you can choose them as per your taste in design but colors try to match with the cabinets it will be good if the tint of tile has some shade in the cabinets. tile can have different shades and you can choose a shade that you like the most from it.

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